Tooltips for icons

  • Gilles COSTA

    Gilles COSTA - 2010-12-30


    I'm a beginner inPython but found this Notepad++ plugin very usefull and really easy to learn.

    I wrote several script and managed to add them in the toolbar, but cannot figure out how to add tooltips for those icons. Is there a way to achieve that ?

    By the way, the only icons I managed to get displayed are BMP so no transparency :( Are there any spécification to get real ICO file to get displayed ?

    Thanks in advance and, once again, thanks for that great plugin.

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Glad you like the plugin.  As for the tooltips, sadly not at the moment.  This is a limitation in Notepad++, in that it takes the tooltip from the text of the "plugin command" - the toolbar icons that PythonScript adds are only "virtual" plugin commands, so don't have any text associated with them.  If I get chance in the new year I'll propose a patch that would allow a plugin to set its own tooltip text.

    The BMP limitation is also in Notepad++ - the image list it gets loaded into has very few options set, so you're stuck with limited options.  That again needs to be changed in Notepad++ itself.


  • Gilles COSTA

    Gilles COSTA - 2010-12-31

    Thanks for your quick answer. So I'll will do without tooltips :(


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