The libraries to compile PythonScript?

  • Karim Hamza

    Karim Hamza - 2012-04-23

    Where can i download the libraries needed to compile PythinScript?
    i mean Boost and Python ?!

    Thank you for Helping

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Boost from  You need to build the boost::python library with bjam.  bjam you can build by simply running "bootstrap.bat" from the boost tools\build\v2 directory.  The exact command for bjam to build boost::python is given in the Python Script readme.txt file.

    Python, you can build in two ways, either direct from the download from, or from my fork of the python project (  Basically, python is normally linked with /MD, to use the DLL version of the Visual C runtime.  However, this means that the Visual C runtime must be installed on the target machine.  As Notepad++ is compiled with /MT, meaning to use the statically linked version of the C runtimes, this means that Notepad++ doesn't need the runtime installed.  Therefore, in order to avoid the need to install the runtime just for this plugin, I built my own python27.dll with /MT. 

    There were however some changes necessary in order to make it work with /MT (specifically in certain modules, the biggest of which was the bz2 library). These changes are in my python repository.

    Whichever way you do it, you need to make sure you stick with a 2.x version of Python, 3.x fundamentally won't work - even if it appears to in the first instance.  The string storage is fundamentally different to Scintilla text storage, hence it will result in weird bugs in your scripts (len('höllo') in Python 3 is 5, in 2.7, and Scintilla, is 6).

    Hope that helps.

  • Karim Hamza

    Karim Hamza - 2012-04-29

    Thank you


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