make console like real shell.

  • Anonymous - 2010-12-06

    it's hard to execute multi line command when using console.
    (command input is singleline, which make py cmds hard to read)
    i think it s better put "python prompt" into console.editor.
    so that console likes a really shell.
    "run/stop" can be instead by a menuitem,
    because "stop" is not very common use and "run" is trigged by an "Enter".
    "Shift-Enter" can be use for input a "CR" to console editor.
    (an option for choice behavor of "Enter/Shift-Enter" is better)

    more, can console title be removed or hide? or place to left side but not top side.
    it's only useful when draging, but most time it just waste space.

  • Dave Brotherstone

    Firstly, thanks for the feedback.

    Yes, that would be nice to have a console and the input in window.  The problem is, choosing a control to do it with - I have very little interest in creating one, so it needs to be an existing one.  At the moment, the "editor" area of the console is provided by Scintilla, which means we get highlighting for errors and warnings, and clickable links for errors almost for free (not quite, but nearly!).  What is extremely difficult to do though, is such that input is only allowable at the end line, and only after the prompt.

    >>> print "something"
    >>> # you can type here, but not on the lines above

    Actually, at the moment, the console works pretty much exactly as the normal python prompt, only that it the input box only shows one line of text, and scrolls rather than grows.

    Perhaps easier, and more achievable, might be to make the input box grow (so add another line) when more than one line of input is given - that would mean it's pretty much identical to the normal python prompt.  How would that fit? Or do you mean something else?


  • Amadawn

    Amadawn - 2011-02-11

    Personally I think that would work very well, as this is how the Python console works.




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