census1940 - 2013-05-28


When the 1940 census came out on April 2, 2012, millions of researchers
used our locational tools to find their relatives without a name index.
I had 125 volunteers who helped transcribe the base resources. I've
opened up the 1950 project last week, and am encouraging volunteers to
use Notepad++ for their entry transcription project text program. I've
made a simple set of macros that bring up often used expressions to cut
down on typing, and a second, more complex script using Autohotkey and
Notepad++ for doing some advanced things. What I would like is to use
Python Script to do it all within Notepad++ incorporating the two
advanced procedures. I'm hoping someone can provide a Python script for
the script in Autohotkey, especially the below two hotkey functions. A
working example of how to script a text phrase will help me with the
rest of the keys. The full Autohotkey script can be found at:

F5:: ; enter district number, finds next available spot to put it on the
template file (from separate macro) they get, adds one to number, goes
to end of line
InputBox, ED, ENTER ED # ; volunteer enters next district number ....
actually the suffix of the number
IF (ED > 0)
ED1 = %ED%
IF (ED < 1) ; volunteer doesn't enter number, just presses return
and next number in sequence produced
ED1 := ED1 + 1
SEND ^+X ; macro to find next entry spot on line... Open Search (Alt
S), Find (Ctrl F), Find What (enter next), -^, Find Next (code??), Close
Find (code??), Right (move to right one space), Left (move back to
insertion point on the line between - and ^)
COMPASS = 1 ; sets counter for F7 key

F7:: ; uses one key to produce compass abbreviations (N), (E), etc. for
transcribing boundary streets
IF (COMPASS = 1) ; start of transcription of line, volunteer had
suffix # entered, and already filled out BOUNDED BY (N) at the end of
the line with street names on that boundary

I would appreciate this very much, and it will help the hundreds of
volunteers I anticipate will work on this project.

Joel Weintraub
Dana Point, CA