Is the dvelopment stopped?!

  • Karim Hamza

    Karim Hamza - 2013-03-23

    I'm just asking if the development of the great plugin had been stopped ?
    last version released of the plugin over a year ago

    Is there new versions of the plugin ?!
    what's next for "python script"?

    Thank you

    • Dave Brotherstone

      That's a great question. Short answer: no, just paused.
      Long answer:

      There's definitely a number of things I'd really like to do, besides fixing
      a few bugs that I know people get bitten by, but time is always an issue
      for me. The proportion of free time I have for n++ stuff is limited, and
      recently the time has gone into the regex stuff, partially the tidy2
      plugin, and partially a proper c++ template and helper library to aid
      building plugins. Neither of those are finished. Going through a big change
      in technology for the day job has also meant I'm spending a lot of time
      reading about stuff I really should know more about. This isn't excuses,
      just justification for why I've not been able to put more time into python
      script - even though it's one of the few plugins I use everyday.

      The things that are definitely on the list are:
      Better search and replace - now that the native n++ regex is as good as
      Python's (as far as I know - let me know if python does something n++
      can't), I'd really like to integrate it better, so you can do fast replaces
      with a python function to compute the replace text (kinda what you can do
      now with pyreplace, but building it in to rereplace, which should be faster
      and more reliable.

      GUI integration - embedding a GUI library to allow you to do full GUI stuff
      (probably excluding docked windows) all from inside python. Adding menus
      programmatically to n++ would also be nice, but I'm not sure if that might
      create more issues as I believe n++ sometimes uses menu positions.

      That's aside from all the little improvements I'd like to make with respect
      to bugs, unit tests for the generated functions, updating the scintilla
      functions to the latest scintilla, better console parsing, and who knows
      what else when I get started.

      As for when, I can't say. Unlikely before the summer, would be my guess.

      I hope that answers your question, and isn't too disappointing.


  • Karim Hamza

    Karim Hamza - 2013-03-24

    Thank you for your effort
    you really had great thing going here

    Just waiting for these great features
    and i really appreciate your effort and hard working
    thank you


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