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#12 Unknown exception after after complete reinstall


I installed the PythonSCript plugin and made (successfully) a very first test.

I played a little and managed to make notepad + and the plugin fail.
Now I do always get anunknwon exception and can no more get rid of it.

I uninstalled the entire notepad+,
removed after uninstallation the ProgramFiles ... Notepad+ directory
and reinstalled Notepad+ (working without any issues)
As soon as I try to install the Python plugin I get the unknown Exception Error again.
As soon as I uninstall the plugin the error disppears.

I guess, that the plugin saved some thing in the registry and that this setting kills now the plugin as soon as it is started.

More details:
- I installed the python plugin and made a very first test script (just replacing 'a' with 'A' )

Then tried to play with the configuration option (In fact what I wanted to do is to manage having a toplevel menubar entry with all my python scripts.
When I noticed, that the configuration 'Menu' is not un the toplevel, but just below the plugins -> python scripting, I tried
to add it to a toolbar.
This is very probably what caused the error.

- Windows 7 64 bit
- Version of notepad+.when error occured first time.(no idea)
- Version of notepad+ since reinstallation: 5.9.4

Plugin installed via pluginmanager