#7 Showing local files..?

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How can I see my local files in NppFTP, and how can I get the Upload icon active..? Is their any manual for NppFTP..?


  • Harry

    Harry - 2010-08-22

    NppFTP only shows the files on the server. If you need to see local files, I suggest the LightExplorer or Explorer plugins.
    The Upload icon is only available when a directory is selected.

  • Per Rasmussen

    Per Rasmussen - 2010-08-22

    But the Upload icon is not available when I selected a directory. When Nppftp only shows server files, I can't see how to use the upload function with Upload icon.
    Normanlly I use FileZilla, but if Nppftp will be good enough for my use, I will use it..! :)
    But until now I can only upload with right-click and use 'Upload other file here..'

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    usually when i need to upload a new file, i just save it on my local cache in the corrosponding spot and nppftp automatically uploads it provided i'm connected to that server... for example:

    All my sites are set up to local cache like so:

    If I wanted to put a new file in the public_html directory of a given site say user bob at google.com, then i would from np++ open a new file, then go file-> save as... then I would browse to c:\np++\bob@google.com\public_html and save the file there, nppftp will see the new file immediately and upload it to the server it the corresponding place.

    This works even if the public_html directory doesnt already exist in my cache (ie i have not downloaded anything from that directory before). All i have to do is create a new folder called public_html in my cache and the place the new file there and it still all works as it should. Its great. I never use the upload button.

    But as harry said, if you have a file open in np++ and you are connected to the ftp server, if you click on the public_html folder or something so its selected the upload file button should be active, though i had problems with that feature on the old version of ftp_synchronize so I never use it and do it the way i previously described.

    hope that helps