Norm - 2008-01-07

Thanks for the plug in. I'm finding it useful.

Just a couple if issues. I'm using v1.08.

1. Your documentation says:
'You can add comments to your scripts.  A comment starts with either two backslashes "\\" or a blackslash and an asterisk. "\*"'

Well... commenting this way doesn't work. You'll get errors when validating or running a script with comments preceded by backslashes.

I discovered that forward slashes work instead. I used "/*" to prefix comments and the scripts validate and run fine.

2. I'm using Windows Vista, and when saving a script to c:\program files\notepad++\plugins, from the plugin interface within Notepad++, it appears that the save is successful, and you can even see the file in the save browse window, but its not there and doesn't get saved, with no notice indicating that this is the case. I think this is related to the fact that you need admin privledges to write to that folder, which I have, but its not triggering the UAC in Vista to prompt to save there.

3. The interface seems, well, quirky. I can't figure out how favorites work, nor are the keyboard navigation operating properly (operate on right-hand window even though cursor is in left-hand window)