Using simple script

  • patrickforkin

    It is always difficult to ask a question whan you are unsure of your ground.
    My problem is as follows. All of the files I have created as glossaries to use with a translation tool, I have created as CSV files with Notepad++.
    I now have to convert them to text TAB files for use with OmegaT.
    The idea of having to go through thousands of lines of CSV files and remove a character and replace it with a tab incenses me and I have no alternative.
    I write and am only living on the periphery of the IT ball-park.
    So my questions are:
    1. Is simple script a way to do what I need?
    2. If not are there other tools available as Notepad++ plugins which I could use?
    3. Or has someone a better suggestion?
    I look forward to any help I can be given.
    Kind regards, PatrickForkin.