Feature request

  • Ash Abraham

    Ash Abraham - 2009-05-29

    Hi Jens,
       Thank  you for creating all these wonderful and useful plugins for Notepad++. Using the Window Manager I would like to have the capability to select two files and be able to compare them using Compare plugin in Npp. Currently, the compare plugin compares the last two files only and it would be nice we can select those files using Window Manager and then compare them instead of dragging the two files to the last position and then comparing.


    • jdv

      jdv - 2009-06-04

      I would also like to thank all in creating this good plugin.  I would also like to present some additional features that would be nice. 
      Could the window manager derive hierarchy from VHDL files?


  • Magnus Holm

    Magnus Holm - 2010-02-10

    Or even better, let the user decide which program/plugin to use when comparing.



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