1.1.2 Update

  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2008-07-03

    Hello users,

    I fixed the most annoying bug:

    08/07/03  v1.1.2 :
        Fix: Breaks Unicode "Cyrillic" input to the main window [NPP-P-B-1977701]

    Best Regards

    • HorusEye

      HorusEye - 2008-07-31

      Hi Jens!

      You're doing a great job here with Window Manager, still there's one thing I'm missing as a function that I think would be pretty useful: To change documentorder within the view! Now, if I want to change the order, I have to draw the document-tabs to the locations I want. Instead, moving documents directly within Window Manager to rearrange them would be so much easier.

      Please, please, add this function!


    • Ash Abraham

      Ash Abraham - 2008-10-10

      Hi Jens,
         I totally agree with HorusEye with the document reorder functionality within the Window Manager. Please consider this as a new feature....

      Also, is there a way to get the file paths which I select in the WindowManager as a console variable so we run commands with those file names. Say, I select two files, and I can get those file name/path as an array to be inserted as an input for running external commands.


    • Ash Abraham

      Ash Abraham - 2009-04-09

      Hi Jens,
         Please consider adding this document reorder functionality/feature in your upcoming release. When lots of files are open, NPP shows them in multiple lines of tabs and if we want to reorder the tabs we have to reorder them by dragging and dropping and its annoying and frustrating to order like that. In such cases the Window Manager would be the best tool to reorder the files, as you reorder the files in the window manager it should have the capability to automatically reorder the tabs aswell.

      Please consider this feature.

      Thanks again,


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