plugin enabled in non xml files like .java

  • jm

    jm - 2012-07-20


    I installed this plugin, version 0.5, very useful. But I expected it would only be enabled in xml&html files? I have a .java file open and this plugin takes over other shorcuts (for example Ctrl-Shift-T) that I have defined.

    Is this intended? or it should take over those shorcuts only when .xml files are opened?


  • Martijn Coppoolse

    That's a problem with Notepad++: if you assign a shortcut to a specific plugin command, it stays assigned to that specific command for the entire duration of the program. It doesn’t switch to another command depending on the selected programming language, unfortunately.

    As far as I can see, if two plugins request the same shortcut key, the last one will get it.  You can (un)assign and reassign the shortcut keys using the shortcut mapper (in the Options menu, or is it called Settings, or perhaps Tools?)

  • jm

    jm - 2012-07-23

    ok, so the way to deal with this is just configuring shorcuts, yes in in the Settings/Shortcut Mapper



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