Compatability issues with v0.2.2

Ed Meacham
  • Ed Meacham

    Ed Meacham - 2008-10-18

    HTMLTag_unicode.dll causes a memory error when NPP is opened.

    Windows XP SP3
    Q6700 @ 2.66Ghz
    3GB (4GB physical) @ 2.67 GHz

    Notepad++ v 5.0.3

    Exact error message:
    An exception occured. Notepad++ cannot recover and must be shut down.
    The exception details are as follows:
    Code:    0xC0000005
    Type:    Access Violation
    Exception address: 0x0043D64B

    I know the release notes say this is for Notepad++ 5.1, but there is no package for 5.1 yet; 5.0.3 is the newest package available. (NPP will open if HTMLTag_unicode.dll is removed from the plug-ins dir)

    Thanks for the great product thus far!

    • Martijn Coppoolse

      As the release notes also say, nothing was added in this version except unicode support, for Notepad++ v5.1.

      So you can either just use the *_ansi.dll, or use the previous version.


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