feature request: config param for max_data

mike dee
  • mike dee

    mike dee - 2009-05-06

    you've added settings for max_depth and max_children in the config dialog - can you add a param for max_data as well?  I find myself opening the dbg panel and manually entering "feature_set -i 1 -n max_data -v 500000" pretty consistently.  while it's very nice to be able to massage the values via the dbg panel manually, the repetitive cut and paste of the same setting each time is a pain.  I do a lot of work in mediawiki and the volume and size of variables within the app is outrageous, being able to change these 3 settings as I go along is key to a decent debugging session.

    in fact, if you could add those configs to the dbg panel vs in the config dialog that would prob be a better place (for my usage style at least...) since I tend to change them based on whatever I'm using the debugger to hunt for on a case by case basis and they are def. not static  - should do an automatic refresh of the local variables as well when you change/set the values

  • mike dee

    mike dee - 2009-09-17

    just thought I'd check back in on this to see if it might be coming in the future - also to see if you have any plans to continue to add any other features to the plug in as well

  • Damjan Cvetko

    Damjan Cvetko - 2009-09-17

    Hi Mike.

    I have to say, sorry for the huge lack of updates, time is very scars. Even though 4 (yaiks!) months old, your proposal seems fair. I can add with minimum work the max_data config to the Config pannel, the other idea, adding it to dbg pallen, would require some work. Maybe for a quick compromise, I can change the config dlg sothat when you click OK, it updates this values in real time? And re-fetches context data.

    I have to say, I still have open issues to attend to, the most important being updating code for latest N++.

    Hope I can send an update out very soon.

    Best regards,

  • mike dee

    mike dee - 2009-09-18

    config panel is fine - the real time update/refetch would be a great solution as well.  thx for the quick reply

  • Damjan Cvetko

    Damjan Cvetko - 2010-01-06


    Finlay got around and implemented the max_data field in config panel. Also updated my dev computer to latest php, xdebug and n++, to check that things work. Still checking the issues with mappings that got reported, but I should be able to release in a day or two.


  • mike dee

    mike dee - 2010-02-08

    any news on the release?  has it been tested with 5.6.6?

  • mike dee

    mike dee - 2010-03-03



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