Mapping Problems (again)

Florian B
  • Florian B

    Florian B - 2011-08-04

    Hey Community,

    I'm having some trouble with the mapping…

    I've created a test.php to test the plug-in with some xdebug_break(); breakpoints etc. But every time I'm calling the script in the browser, notepad++ starts throwing the following mapping errors:

    there, you can see the remote path of the script. the local path is the following:

    my config:

    Remote Path:

    Local Path:
    *…* = censored

    i can't figure out why it does not work. i even tried copying the test.php on my local system to C:\xdebugTest\test.php and i changed the Local Path value to C:\xdebugTest\, because i thought the @ may cause the trouble, but i still get the mapping errors.

    because of the mapping errors i can't set breakpoints via notepad++. actually i can debug with xdebug_break(); breakpoints in the code and the option "Use SOURCE command for all files and bypass maps", but that's a lil' bit uncomfortable…

    any ideas? :/

  • Damjan Cvetko

    Damjan Cvetko - 2011-08-04

    Hi astarax.

    It's the IDE KEY that doesnt match. Server sends "netbeans-xdebug" but you are restricting mapping to "xdebug". Ither fix it in N++ to the whole key, or remove it alltogether, if you don't need to restrict it.


  • Florian B

    Florian B - 2011-08-05

    okay i changed the key and now it works, great!

    but i also had to us the IP, the hostname didn't work



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