Welcome to DBGP Plugin

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    Welcome to DBGP Plugin

    • Damjan Cvetko

      Damjan Cvetko - 2007-06-24

      Hello good people who use Notepad++.

      This is the initial release of the DBGP Client Plugin for Notepad++. This plugin was created mostly for debugging PHP (XDebug), but will be adopted so it can be used with other implementations (other languages) if there is demand.
      To learn more about how DBGP works I suggest reading around http://www.xdebug.org .

      The plugin is marked as alpha as possibly not all bugs have been squished and a few features are pending.

      Please post here any questions or suggestions.


    • Vadzim L.

      Vadzim L. - 2008-06-16

      I have suggestion.

      "Copy value" in Local context, Global context and Watches.
      It will be very useful.

      • Damjan Cvetko

        Damjan Cvetko - 2008-06-26

        You could double-click on a value, so it opens up in a window and copy it there. Is a good idea tho, I will look into it.


    • Sam

      Sam - 2008-10-03

      Hello Zobo,

      I liked the plugin. Really useful. I would like to know if a possible similar debugger for Python could be made.  Currently I'm using NPP shortcut mapper and debugging Python scripts. But looking thru the forums, I feel that there is enuf demand for a Python debugger on the lines of DBGP for PHP.


      • Damjan Cvetko

        Damjan Cvetko - 2008-10-03

        Hi Samarth.

        It is possible, DBGP is a language independent protocol. But I have near to zero Py experience. Do you know of a feely available DBGP debugging engine for python? If you can help me set that up, I can look at how much work would it be to port in the small differences between the engines...

        Best regards

    • Sam

      Sam - 2008-10-06

      Hello Zobo,

      Sorry I have no knowledge on DBGP protocol. However, I'm aware of a popular IDE called Komodo IDE using this protocol for debugging Python. Unfortunately, this is not a free IDE.

      Take a look at http://docs.activestate.com/komodo/4.4/debugpython.html and see if the info on how to setup makes any sense to you.

      The popular debug engines for Python freely available are
      1> pdb - comes as part of the python package - http://www.python.org/doc/2.5.2/lib/module-pdb.html

      2> winpdb - http://winpdb.org/ - used as part of few freely available Python IDEs like SPE.

      I'm currently making use of the first one from NPP. [ refer to https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=2163921&forum_id=331754\]

      Many Thanks,

    • Herb

      Herb - 2009-02-18

      I downloaded the most recent dbgpPlugin.dll, internally version  After restarting Notepad, the "plugins" menu had a new entry - "D".  Just the letter D.  The menu showed mostly gray lines (there may have been a couple of lines of text).  I moved all other dll's in "plugins" elsewhere, rebooted and restarted notepad; same thing.

      I downloaded the next earlier one ( and it looks fine (haven't used it, but the name DBGp shows in the dd list, and the menu looks correct).

      I'm using Win XP Prof, SP3.  Don't know what other info might be useful.

      What could I possibly have done to (apparently) be the only one with this problem??

      • Damjan Cvetko

        Damjan Cvetko - 2009-02-18

        I'll look at it. Maybe it's a unidoce issue or some changes in N++. What N++ version do you have?

        Best regards.


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