First time setup for DBGp

  • Derek Bowers

    Derek Bowers - 2011-07-12

    I am a first time PHP/Notepad++ user. It seems like most of my configuration is working properly except for the debugger in Notepad++. When I try to debug a php file, the Notepad++ window on taskbar does blink, like all the setup tutorials say, however, I still don't get a live connection. I figure this is a setting in my config window and especially the remote and local path setups.
    I'm running my php files from c:\xampp\htdocs
    Currently my remote and local paths are c:\xampp\htdocs as well.

    anyone's help is appreciated.


  • Damjan Cvetko

    Damjan Cvetko - 2011-07-13

    If you're running you web server/PHP on the same PC as N++ it's easyest to just tick "local setup" in DBGPplugin config window.

    Also, if N++ flashes, this means that a connection was established, but utsually there is no reason to stop the execution (persuming everything else is ok). There is also a configuration option to "stop on first line". Try to select that - this usually works more certanly than breakpoints that require correct local-remote mapping…



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