wish : "Create File" context menu

  • Manitra Andriamitondra

    This plugin is really a sweet thing for me.

    The only feature I really miss is the ability to create a blank file on any folder just by right clicking on the folder and clic on "create file". This would make light explorer : a full feature explorer (currently you can move/rename/delete/createfolder but not create a blank file).

    With this feature, I could use notepad++ as an IDE because I could do every thing in it, as easily as with the ZEnd IDE.

    Please, could someone tell me if this is planned ?

  • Jose J Sanjosé

    Jose J Sanjosé - 2011-12-20

    Hi, this feature has been added to a new version (ANSI and UNICODE). I expect to upload the new releases within days.



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