• Danny Staple

    Danny Staple - 2007-09-12

    I really do not know a lot about LightExplorer, but would imagine it is something like a COM object embedded into NPP. I note that TortoiseSVN icons show up, although they are not updated - which is a little annoying.

    More annoying is that where the tortoiseSVN operations for a file would be shown, the context menu shows blank menu items. What would it take to make TortoiseSVN work in this? It would really be awesome to have TortoiseSVN embedded right there, and save needing to do any other mucking around with SVN Plugins for NPP.

    Is anyone looking or has anyone looked at why the two do not seem to play well together?


    • Harro van der Klauw

      Yeah, I have the exact same problem.
      The normal explorer plugin does show them correctly, but has other quircks.


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