How should this work ?

  • jmg__

    jmg__ - 2007-03-26

    I can see a bottom window, called search results, & columns labels, but it is always empty, and because it has no search fields, I'm guessing it is meant to seed from the
    Npp fine in files ? - only that does not seem to happen ?  [This is Win2000 ]

    • Jose J Sanjosé

      Jose J Sanjosé - 2007-03-28

      If you press Alt+Q a dialog should pop up. It will ask you for a test pattern, a file mask and a root folder. Using that text pattern the plug-in will search for files (within the root folder or in a subfolder under it) that contains that string pattern.

      Make a test. Create a text file using notepad++ and write a string on it, for example 'Post A Message To This Thread'.

      Save the file on a folder, let's say 'c:\temp'. Go to notepad++, press Alt+Q, and write 'Message' for 'Find what', '*.* for 'In files / file types', and 'c:\temp' for 'In folder' (leave 'Case sensitive' and 'Whole word' unchecked for now).

      After you hit OK, the result of the search should appear in a dockable window called 'Search in files' that you should see at the bottom of notepad++ unless you moved it someplace else. Each time the plug-in finds the word 'Message' it will show a line at the results window.

      • jmg__

        jmg__ - 2007-03-29

        Ahh.... Tip for the Author :
        Add a right-click prompt, or say [Alt-Q] next to Search in Files, or a Launch button, to launch the Search Dialog.
        Hidden dialogs are not a good idea.

        Q2: once launched, it seems to be set up as tabbed, but how does one launch/create another tab for another search-set ?

        • Jose J Sanjosé

          Jose J Sanjosé - 2007-03-29

          In the plug-ins menu in notepad++ you will find a submenu 'Search in files', from there you have three options. One of them lets you open the 'Search in Files parameters' dialog and inform you of the shortcut you may use to open it (Alt + Q). In the upcoming release you will see an icon at notepad++ toolbar that will allow you to open the 'Search in Files parameters' dialog.

          To see the search results in another tab you only have to mark the check 'Results in new tab' that you will find in the 'Search in Files parameters' dialog. That will redirect the results to a new tab. To close tabs just double click on them, use the close button or the context menu you will find in the tabs.

          • jmg__

            jmg__ - 2007-03-30

            Thanks. I launched it from the Icons, where I see a FindInFiles results is present, but
            there is no launch Find in Files. - I think you say this LaunchIcon is comming; good.
            Simply missed the open in new tab, also good.
            Will be a nice plug-in, when completed.


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