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  • lcwmax

    lcwmax - 2008-07-11

    I am sorry that I couldn’t find out the forum of ConvertExt. So I post this topic in this forum because the author of these two plugins is the same. ( Dovgan Vitaliy, DV ? :) )

    I think that "Code page selector" is a very useful function. Just like the "Character Encoding" of Firefox browser. Notpad++ can convert between ANSI and Unicode, but can not convert to different ANSI code page (language).

    Fortunately, there is a plugin “ConvertExt” which support "Code page selector".

    But currently the ConvertExt plugin supports one-byted encodings only, because the author was embarrassed by a possible size of an alphabet which uses two-byted encoding.

    I don’t know how to solve this question, but I know there is an open source text editor which supports two-byted encoding. Its name is Madedit ( ), and it can encode some two-byted code page, ex. Big5(Traditional Chinese), GBK(Simplified Chinese), S-JIS(Japanese).

    I think the source code may be helpful.

    My English is pretty limited. I just want to tell Dovgan Vitaliy “Your work is a good job :)”

    • DV

      DV - 2008-07-14

      Yes, I am the exact person who I am ;-)

      You may be interesed in the 'Encodings' plugin which you can find here, in the Download section.
      Here is brief information about this plugin:


      Several times I was asked for the sources of my plugin ConvertExt. But the sources of the plugin have been lost; then I've found some source files accidentally, but it was VERY hard to understand how it worked even for me (frankly, the sources were terrible written). So I've decided to re-write the whole plugin from the beginning - actually, to create a new one.
      The basic idea of this new plugin (I've called it "Encodings") is the following: we take original text in any encoding and then convert it to Unicode according to user-specified encoding (codepage). Such approach allows to show any (well, maybe almost all) characters correctly for any locale, if selected font contains these characters. It means convertion to UTF-8 because Scintilla supports this Unicode encoding.
      I've developed basic parts of the plugin, trying to create a good object-oriented model, which components could be used and improved by other developers. Currently the basic plugin's engine is implemented - i.e. it can view some text as it looks in different encodings (codepages) and save the text in its original encoding. That's the theory - because I can not garantee that this functionality works correctly. There is still a lot of work to do.
      This pre-alpha release is a pure basic engine, it does not contain any advanced user interface or any options, but they are implied.
      Therefore you can find only the sources on Notepad++ Plugins page - it is for developers who may be interested in future development of the plugin.


      Encodings Plugin v0.1 pre-alpha:
      - demo version for developers only
      - includes just basic engine

      The goal of this release is to show what this plugin can do. The general idea is to create something better (much better) than the ConvertExt plugin. But, without your help and ideas, I am not sure I'll do it.

      • DV

        DV - 2008-07-14

        Here is a part of my recent e-mails regarding the ConvertExt and Encodings plugins.
        I don't say that I'm proud of it, but this is what I think.

        The ConvertExt plugin is no longer maintained and its sources have been lost a
        long time ago.
        However, if you are a developer, you may be interested in new plugin which
        theoretically will replace this one. I'm talking about "Encodings" plugin which
        can be found on "Notepad++ Plugins" SourceForge's project.
        However again, this new plugin is incompleted and it just introduces basic
        functionality that it will theoretically have. And I have no inspiration to
        continue its developing because it seems noone is interested and personally I am
        tired of all this developing.

        (...) as I said, this plugin is NOT RECOMMENDED for non-programmers because
        it is incomplete and may have some issues. Therefore you'll find just source
        files because the plugin's potential user - a programmer - does know how to
        compile and build it and how to fix possible problems. You see, I don't want to
        support INCOMPLETE plugin for regular users (non-programmers) because they will
        find the problems which they can't resolve. It's not something like "try and
        buy", it's something like "try and fix the issues by yourself". But noone is
        interested yet.

    • Sebastien WILLEMIJNS

      ok it's a pity that i has found several months ago a "notepad" software which permit to correctly read my text wroten by "edit.exe" MS-DOS...

      i will now go to find another software which do what i want but i really thing it will be very hard...

      Hmmm... i do not found "Encodings" plugin in the main page...

    • DV

      DV - 2008-11-24

      1. As this forum belongs to "Notepad++ Plugins" project, you can find the "Encodings" plugin in its download section. The projects "Notepad++ Plugins" and "Notepad++" are two different projects at
      2. If you need just a simple text editor (without additional features for programmers) which allows you to edit text files with different encodings, you can use AkelPad ( AkelPad's latest installer includes almost all its plugins, so you can tune it to a very powerful text editor - however without code folding and additional features for programmers which you can find in Notepad++.

    • vlakoff

      vlakoff - 2009-01-14

      Just tried this Encodings plugin, looks interesting

      for *.cmd editing with French characters,
      no need to carefully press ctrl+alt+W before saving (if not, all accents broken :p)

      just have to select encoding after each file opening, then no step after :)

      file filters in config dialog would be very nice (like "open [*.cmd *.bat] files in [OEM] by default)


    • Piotr Dobrogost

      Piotr Dobrogost - 2009-04-24

      Vitaliy Dovgan wrote:

      > Hi Piotr.
      > You wrote:
      >> Do you have any plans to make Unicode version of your ConvertExt plugin
      >> for Notepad++?
      > Thank you for your interest to the plugin.
      > The sources of ConvertExt plugin have been lost, so I can't continue its
      > developing. But there is an alternative:
      > So, if you are interested in it, you may help me with further development of new
      > "Encodings" plugin.

      There is already very good, popular and free unicode library called ICU -
      We have great lib and a great app.
      I think the best thing to do would be to make it work with N++.

      What do you think?

      Piotr Dobrogost

      • DV

        DV - 2009-04-29

        The problem is that a lot of work is still needed to combine a great lib and a great app.
        For example, we have Notepad++ and useful external tools such as cmd, awk, tcc etc. The purpose of NppExec was just to combine these things. NppExec is being developed about 2.5 years.


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