New version is on the way: who wants to try?

  • DV

    DV - 2013-04-06

    Hi all! Especially those who read this forum :) 
    A new version of NppExec is on the way: it means that the most of the new functionality have been implemented and documented, though there are still some things to do. 
    If you want to try this new functionality to check in advance whether everything works good and clear and does not need additional adjustments or documenting, please feel free to request a new version: as always, mail to <dvv81 @ ukr . net>. 
    As for the remaining things to do, there is the concept of run-time Highlight Filters mentioned here: 
    Please feel free to contact me or share your thoughts here. 

  • DV

    DV - 2013-04-16

    Getting usual number of responces (none), I think we all (i.e. me alone) are ready to release the new version. It contains certain number of changes - and each one of them assumed implementation, documenting and initial verification and testing. At some points it was too much to be covered by just one person, but I tried to do my best. The upcoming release will highlight possible issues, if any.

  • DV

    DV - 2013-04-17

    NppExec v0.5.


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