NppExec v0.5 has been released!

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    DV - 2013-04-17

    In all honesty, personally I did not expect for a new major version of NppExec to appear. Recently I was concenrating on mantaining of the 0.4.x versions with quick implementation of small useful features. And nothing more than that. Also, I never intended to implement my own scripting language in NppExec. (Today, when NppExec already supports about 50 internal commands with its own syntax similar to batch files, you may take such statement as a joke - but believe me, I never intended to implement my own scripting language here :)) 
    In the same time, the number of downloads of NppExec was still increasing and the questions from different people in the forums were an obvious indicator of interest in NppExec. And, reading  another question about possibility of IF-conditions in NppExec, I've suddenly realized that I could implement that. Also, the idea of dynamic runtime console filters was occupying my mind from time to time. 
    So, I've felt I was ready and have started the implementation. From very basic ideas - and until it's done. It took even more time than I expected - as each idea during its implementation gave additional ideas of improvements. And so on. So I've realized that it would be a major release of NppExec, even if I did not expect that myself. 
    While thinking about a major release, I had an idea to give it a version of 500 (i.e. from to 500.0 at once) just to surpass the Mozilla Firefox'es versioning :) But then I thought that NppExec can hardly be compared to Firefox - in the same way as just one person can hardly be compared to Mozilla - and, in addition, NppExec has its own way and does not need to follow someone's example. So, here's NppExec 0.5. 
    NppExec v0.5 - April 2013 
    1. Scripting abilities enhanced: 
        + new commands: IF, GOTO 
        + set <var> ~ strupper/strlower/substr <string> 
        + set <var> ~ strfind/strrfind <string>  
        + set <var> ~ strreplace <string> 
    2. Highlighting abilities enhanced: 
        + now all the Console Filters support run-time $(vars) 
        + new commands: CON_COLOUR, CON_FILTER 
    3. New/enhanced commands: 
        + new command: NPP_MENUCOMMAND 
        + now sel_settext+ supports '\r' 
    4. Fixed: 
        - fixed: could not get/modify Notepad++'s main menu when it was hidden 
    5. Other: 
        + new Console's commands: MANUAL, ABOUT 
        * different internal improvements 


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