New UNICODE version 1.8

  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2008-11-19

    Hello Npp user,

    here is my new Explorer plugin:

    The changes:

    08/11/15 v1.8.0 :
    New: UNICODE support for Notepad++ 5.1
    Fix: Sorting over header in file list works again
    Fix: Doubleclick on a tooltip in file list makes trouble
    Fix: Using of drop down history doesn't select the last items
    Fix: Right mouse click context menu "New File..." doesn't work
    New: Explorer path can be direct selected over a new menu item
    New: Network folder convert, e.g. \\my_home_net\folder1\ is 
    New: Reset of file filter can be done over a new menu item
    New: Support for NppExec scripts (NppExec 2.5 or later needed):
    - In right click context menu a new item appears when NppExec supports
    external start of scripts.
    - The scripts with extension *.exec are listed in a submenu.
    - In first line a rule for Explorer needs to be defined:
    //Explorer: NPPEXEX_DLL_NAME EXP_XXX[0] EXP_XXX[1] ...
    - Following params are possible ( 'x' is file/folder 0-n ):
    * EXP_FULL_PATH[x] C:\Notepad++\plugins\Explorer.dll
    * EXP_ROOT_PATH[x] C:
    * EXP_PARENT_FULL_DIR[x] C:\Notepad++\plugins
    * EXP_PARENT_DIR[x] plugins
    * EXP_FULL_FILE[x] Explorer.dll
    * EXP_FILE_NAME[x] Explorer
    * EXP_FILE_EXT[x] dll
    Change: "Previous/Next Folder" shows the first selected item in any case

    Additional note:
    If you do not know exactly how to get work with NppExec and Explorer, you can create an example file in option dialog.

    Have fun

    • vel

      vel - 2008-11-20

      Thank you so much for this update Jens.

      This plugin just ROCKS!


    • bege

      bege - 2008-11-23

      I also want to say thank you for this plug-in and update.
      The two context menu option to add the file name(s) to the document (german: (ges.) Dateiname(n) zum Dok. hinzufügen) show no function here.
      I use npp 5.1.1 and explorer 1.8

      • Jens Lorenz

        Jens Lorenz - 2008-11-24


        the translation changed. If you update the NativeLang.ini file you would see that this item copys the file(s)/folder(s) names to clipboard.

        Best Regards

        • bege

          bege - 2008-11-29

          Hallo Jens,
          da ich vermute, dass sich für die deutsche nativelang.ini nur Deutschsprachler interessieren, antworte ich auf deutsch.
          Die nativelang.ini im entspr. Forum sagt aber an entspr. Stelle immer noch "zu Dok. hinzufügen".
          Was meinst Du mit "die nativelang.ini updaten?

          Freundlichen Gruß


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