Anonymous - 2012-01-23

Hi. I am waiting for this feature for such a long time that I don't have any patience. I must act now.
An option must be quickly implemented in the Explorer plugin, so that when checked, all the files with certain extensions (an edit box will contain the list of user defined extensions with semicolons like this: *.exe;*.bat) will be "ShellExcecute"d instead of being opened in the editor. Think about it, how many of you would need to open a EXE file in the editor ???
This is the natural way of interacting with executables.
Take this scenario: I am coding in the editor, I am using the NPPExec plugin to compile the code using external tools, and now, I want to just run the generated executable, not look at it in the editor. The normal NPP behaviour allows this through "Shell menu" => "Open", but it's too many clicks away. Just point and shoot! This is not a big deal to be implemented.
Good luck. Can't wait for the feature to come along. ;)
Keep up the good work!