Bert Oost - 2009-02-02


I've downloaded Notepad++ again (after system crash) and installed XP x64 version and I want also use the explorer plugin but when I activate this it gives a error like:

An exception occured. Notepad++ cannot recover and must be shut down. The exception details are as follows: Code 0x0000005 Type: Access violation Exception address: 0x001D0404

After clicking OK I get the next error message:

Notepad++ will attempt to save any unsaved data. However, dataloss is very likely.

After clicking on that OK button I will get another error message like:

Notepad++ was able to successfully recover some unsaved documents, or nothing to be saved could be found. You can find the results at: C:\Docume~1\Admini~1\Locals~1\Temp\\N++Recov

And then Notepad will close directly

I would be glad to hear what to do.

Thanks allready.