Hex Editor v0.9.1 released

Hex Editor
  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2008-11-19

    Hello Npp user,

    here my new version of Hex-Editor:

    08/11/15 v0.9.1 :
    New: UNICODE support for Notepad++ 5.1
    Fix: Changed convert behaviour for Big-Endian/Little Endian solved
    Win32 Exception when using Find [NPP-P-B-2016651]
    Fix: Insufficent memory detection for dynamic memory creation
    Fix: Buffer overrun removed layout is set to 64-Bit/Binary [NPP-P-B-2017962]
    New: In Hex-Editor the menu of Notepad++ will be restricted
    New: Automatic Hex-Edit-Mode: If the plugin detects in file within the first 
    1MB a user defined count of zeros - specified in percent - the Hex-Editor 
    will be lunched automatically.
    Restriction: Simple Compare only possible with file sizes less 40 MB.
    Restriction: Only fonts with fix pitch size supported

    Have fun

    • greener

      greener - 2008-11-19

      It's a good news to see the new version of Hex-Editor.  But When I click the icon "H" in Notepad++ 5.1.1,
      the Notepad++ is terminated without any message.

    • Anonymous - 2008-11-20

      Yes =) Thanx for the new version.

      It works great, but when I started the PlugIn first time, I got an error too. But now it's working ^^ (N++ 5.1)

    • vel

      vel - 2008-11-20

      So good UNICODE plugins are coming. Thanks Jens!

      However, hexview is crashing N++ 5.1.1 for me.
      Tried to remove/add again, but any time I press 'H' toolbar button, N++ crashes.
      I can see hexview for the split of second before crash.


    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2008-11-24


      this are bad news. For me there are no issues like this. And because of felidaex message it think removing of the old HexEditor.ini file from plugins config directory my help.
      Please try and let me know if this helps.

      Best Regards

    • Mark Baines

      Mark Baines - 2008-11-24

      I have the same crash issue as Veljko.
      As soon as I press the H toolbar button I get the HexEditor screen for a quarter of a second and N++ crashes. No crash dialog reporting information.

      I tried deleting the hexeditor.ini file.
      This happens if there are no other plug-ins.
      If I delete N++ config.xml HexEditor works - so there is some conflict here I suggest.
      I can e-mail you the config.xml file if it helps.

      Veljko: Can you confirm this - delete (or temporarily rename) the config.xml and see if HexEditor works?

      System is XP Professional SP3 up-to-date


    • Li Wei

      Li Wei - 2008-11-25

      Thank you for your new version first, Jens.
      I tried to avoid the bug mentioned above, and all I did were clear the history list of files.
      It's OK for me.
      I don't know if this is helpful.


    • greener

      greener - 2008-11-27

      I unistall N++ then reinstall it.  Hex Editor works!

      • Mark Baines

        Mark Baines - 2008-11-27

        Maybe because you create a new config.xml file.


    • GruntZ

      GruntZ - 2008-11-28

      First, thank you for this work, Jens.

      I confirm: on a NPP freshly updated in 5.1.1, which did not have the Hexa plugin before, empty the history of previously opened files before plugin installation (copy of the dll in the plugin directory) removes any problem, even at the first launch.

    • vel

      vel - 2008-11-29

      Hi all

      Yes, good news is after renaming config.xml I could start Hex-Editor.
      But there is also bad news. After having in history file opened with FTP plugin (C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\FTP_synchronize\os3.ca@os3.ca\.htaccess), bug came out again. Removing only this file from history, make Hex-Editor happy again.
      So, is there a problem with "@" or "_" in filename in history?


    • fefe

      fefe - 2008-12-03

      Hi all

      I checked out the code in the CVS repository and found that when extracting string of menu item, expressions like
      ::GetMenuString(hMenuItem, nPos, menuItem.szName, sizeof(menuItem.szName), MF_BYPOSITION);
      are still used. The buffer length parameter should be sizeof(menuItem.szName)/sizeof(TCHAR) in the Unicode build, or there would be a problem when the item string is too long, like a long entry in the recent file list.



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