strange GUI-bug with the HexEditor plugin

Hex Editor
  • xm

    xm - 2009-05-26

    steps for reproducing the bug:
    - run the Notepad++ (with the HexEditor.dll plugin installed)
    - 2x Ctrl+Alt+Shift+H (start/stop the hex-view)
    - try to click on different main-menus -> the bug is now visible

    e.g. see the Edit and Search menus in the following screencapture video:

    • koyama

      koyama - 2009-05-26

      Also happening here.

    • Alan Mintaka

      Alan Mintaka - 2009-05-29

      I tried it here exactly as shown in your video but couldn't repeat the buggy behavior.  I experimented with both new and pre-existing tabs to make sure it didn't have something to do with opening new tabs. 

      Some particulars of my system:

      Notepad++: 5.3.1
      Hex editor DLL: 0.9.4 UNICODE
      OS: WinXP SP3
      Graphics: ATI Radeon 9800 XT
      Graphics Driver: 8.552.0.0  10/28/2008

      Maybe it's a graphics issue for you guys?  Note that I use a fairly old driver for my ATI card.  The newer ones optimized for Vista don't cut it with XP.

      Oh yeah, I reverted to XP SP3 after trying Vista.  Are you guys using Vista by any chance?

      • koyama

        koyama - 2009-05-29

        Here are my environment details

        Notepad++: 5.4
        HEX-Editor Plug-in v0.9.4
        OS: Windows XP SP2
        Graphics: ATI Radeon 9600 / X1050 Series
        Driver version: 8.476.0.0

        Like in the screencast it only happens when hex-editor is turned on and then off. Only "Edit" and "Search" menus are affected.

        • Alan Mintaka

          Alan Mintaka - 2009-05-29

          OK, now I'm seeing it. 

          I noticed that your version of Notepad++ was newer than mine.  I had been using 5.3.1 because the program kept telling me there was no update.  However when I went to the website I saw that the latest version is in fact 5.4.1. 

          So I updated Notepad++ to version 5.4.1.  When I did so, I received a warning that the Hex editor plugin I was using (0.9.4) was incompatible with this version of Notepad++.  The Hex editor was then automatically uninstalled.

          After Notepad++ was installed, I reinstalled the latest version of the Hex editor from the website.  Now I see the flashing behavior you guys have been describing.  In fact, when I move the mouse pointer over the Edit and Search menu items, my desktop icons start flickering too!

          Well, there is that warning that the Hex editor doesn't work with Notepad++ version 5.4.1.  That's probably all there is to this bug.  Evidently both the Hex editor and/or Notepad++ need a little work to resolve this.  In the meantime, I can only say that through my own experience the older version of Notepad++, 5.3.1, does work with Hex editor 0.9.4. 

          I'm fine with waiting to see what happens next.  If I really need to use the Hex editor a lot, I'll just revert to Notepad++ 5.3.1.

          Bizarre.  What could the developers possibly do to make those menu items AND my desktop icons flicker like that?

          Oh yeah, just for the record, let me post an updated version of my environment. 

          Notepad++: 5.4.1
          Hex editor DLL: 0.9.4 UNICODE
          OS: WinXP SP3
          Graphics: ATI Radeon 9800 XT
          Graphics Driver: 8.552.0.0 10/28/2008

          Have a good one,
          Big Al Mintaka

          • xm

            xm - 2009-05-30

            It is even more complicated...

            I have started to observe this buggy behavior in the ANSI Notepad++ v.5.3.1 (the UNICODE 5.3.1was not affected), when I used the HexEditor plugin (ANSI v. 0.9.3). That time the bug was visible on the "File" menu, not on the Edit&Search ones. I played (still talking about the 5.3.1) the usual one by one removing plugin game and when I removed the NppNetNoteA.dll plugin (ANSI v. 0.1.0, but the HexEditor v. 0.9.3 was present!), the bug has disappeared.

    • Jens Lorenz

      Jens Lorenz - 2009-06-02

      Hello to all,

      I confirm it too. Thanks for the report.



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