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  • Jens Lorenz

    Jens Lorenz - 2009-05-22

    Some major bugfixes done. Here the change-log:

    09/04/11  v0.9.4 :
        Fix: HEX v0.9.3 forgets scroll position when switching tabs [NPP-P-B-2721661]
        Fix: "Repleace" misspell in HEX-Editor plugin's Help dialog [NPP-P-B-2351008]
        Fix: "Go to another view" causes a crash if no document is opened.
        Fix: Compare has no limitations anymore.
        Fix: Bookmark color wasn't stored.
        Fix: Restriction of Simple Compare removed.
        New: Changed Bookmark style.


    Have fun

    • koyama

      koyama - 2009-05-23

      Thank you very much for your hard work.

    • Alan Mintaka

      Alan Mintaka - 2009-05-23

      Agree with erik_tilt.  Very nice work.  Between NotePad++ and Audacity I haven't found a better open-source toolset anywhere else - and I do a lot of looking these days.  Each program has its unique strengths.  In NotePad++ the strength for me is in the language sensitive editing.  A great tool for developers on many different platforms.  I use Audacity to do all of my custom sound bite/mixing when I make DVDs and Blu-Rays. 

      I'd better spend a little more time looking into your other programs.  Keep up the good work!

    • Jon Wu

      Jon Wu - 2009-05-31

      Great plugin! Notepad++ meets all my editing needs now that I don't even need to rely on an external hex editor.

      Quick question though, how do we use the Compare function? The menu item seems to be always greyed out for me.

      • Jens Lorenz

        Jens Lorenz - 2009-06-02


        You need to add the file you would like to compare to the second view. Just click on on the tab with the right mouse button. Here you will find the menu entry to add a file to the second view.

        Best Regards

        • Jon Wu

          Jon Wu - 2009-06-02

          Ah, I should have known it would be something simple like this. Thanks very much for the response.

    • TodWulff

      TodWulff - 2009-07-18

      Good day, Jens.

      I seem to be having an issue.  It seems that when I load a small bin into NPP and then enabled the hex editor, that the displayed contents of the file are not what I know them to be.  i.e. I created a simple test.bin file with 32 bytes from 0x00 to 0x1F.  i.e. the 5th byte in the file is 0x04, and the 30th byte is 0x1D.

      I have verified that the file's contents are indeed correct, but when I use your plugin inside of NPP, I get unexptected results, as demonstrated here:  http://www.box.net/shared/7l6k3dkk4u

      Can you please review and advise if I am doing something silly, or if there is indeed an issue?  Thanks, in advance.

      I bid you a wonderful weekend.


    • TodWulff

      TodWulff - 2009-07-18

      Sorry, Jens, for the double whammy on this.  I have a bit more info and wanted to provide same, so that you have a complete understanding.?.

      I am seeing the same symptoms with both the ANSI and UNICODE versions of the lastest build of NPP when using your HEX-Editor plugin.

      NPP V5.4.5 ANSI has a build time of 14Jul09@20:46:47  using ANSI HEX-Editor v0.9.3

      NPP V5.4.5 UNI has a build time of 14Jul09@20:51:41 using UNI HEX-Editor v0.9.4
      (btw [just a FYI], 0.9.4 reports itself as 0.9.3 in Plugins | HEX-Editor | Help..)


      Also, with NPP v5.4.5 (either version) if I have the HEX-Editor plugin loaded, and minimize NPP to the tray, the app beeps, and abruptly closes.

      Maybe I have a fragged install?  (kinda hard to believe since it is presenting itself so consistently across both versions of NPP)

      Or, more likely(?), maybe an update to NPP is causing it to behave in this manner?

      Regardless, I wanted to share this with you in the interests of full disclosre.  Thanks!


  • Nichespur

    Nichespur - 2010-03-22

    I'm new here and just learning.  but i I ove Note Pad++.
    I was wondering though is there any way I can color code the Tabs across the top, so someone could separate their HTML files from their CSS  scripts and find them fast?


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