Hi all,

I got fed up with the UAC issue in Windows and created a small plugin that will allow you to force save a file to system folders using elevated privileges when UAC is activated.
This way you won't have to open your documents as administator or using elevated privileges for the entire editor.

Just save the file using the plugin menu (save with UAC) or the keyboard shortcut. (for some reason I never got ctrl + U shortcut working) and Windows will prompt you if you want to allow Windows command prompt with elevated privileges.

It is using the fact that Notepad++ (as any sane editor) doesn't lock files while open.

If anyone is interested I uploaded the plugin dll here:

(only Unicode, I couldn't compile with TCHAR from Visual studio for some reason)

and the project is here (VS2012 sln):
would anyone care to take a look or even improve this simple project, feel free.

Cheers all