NppToolBucket Multi-line search and replace

  • Paul Heasley
    Paul Heasley

    I've just released the source and first version of ToolBucket, a .Net plugin for Notepad++.

    ToolBucket currently boasts the following features:

    1. Multi-line search and replace dialog.

    2. Change indentation dialog.

    3. Generate GUID

    4. Generate Lorem Ipsum

    5. Compute MD5 Hash

    6. Compute SHA1 Hash

    7. Base 64 encode

    8. Base 64 decode

    Source available here:

    Download latest release here:

  • Could you post this in the Plugin Development forum on the Notepad++ project - people may not find it here.

    Also see for how to get your plugin listed in Plugin Manager.


  • Paul Heasley
    Paul Heasley

    Thanks Dave, will do.

    I'm hoping some of the more advanced users on this forum might want to poke around at it and log any issues on GitHub.



  • Vern Radul
    Vern Radul

    If you just want to find and replace multiple lines with Notepad++ in all files with a specified extension in a folder, a simpler way is to use standard features of Notepad++

    Simply set search mode in the dialog box (screenshot attached) to regular expression and matches newline

    Example: this will find and replace everything (.*) between two html tags, to recreate a simple menu bar.
    (the comment tag is added in case there are more div tags below it)

    FIND WHAT: <div id="navbar">.*</div><!-- end navbar -->
    REPLACE WITH: <div id="navbar"><ul><li><a href="index.htm"><img src="images/HomeButton.gif"/></a></li><li><a href="inspire.htm"><img src="images/InspireButton.gif"/></a></li><li><a href="services.htm"><img src="images/ServicesButton.gif"/></a></li><li><a href="articles.htm"><img src="images/ArticlesButton.gif"/></a></li></ul></div><!-- end navbar -->
    Last edit: Vern Radul 2014-03-10