NPPcrypt has no option to change .extension

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-08-21

    Unfortunately the author of the NPPcrypt extension does not answer my questions/suggestions. So I must put it in here:

    In general I appreciate the Nppcrypt plugin.

    However I prefer to have a inconspicuously file extension which does not show that the file is encrypted.
    Is it possible to make the file extension user definable?

    I want e.g. file extension like *.biny  or *.exez  instead of *.nppcrypt.

    Is it possible to include a re-definition of the default Nppcrypt file extension in the next release?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2011-12-10

    …no answer?

  • Stephen Brinich

    Stephen Brinich - 2014-11-13

    I stumbled upon this one in a search, so I'm chiming in rather late -- the option now exists in "Preferences" to define the extension.


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