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  • GVC

    GVC - 2010-11-23

    Does anyone know if there's a plug-in available that opens include files when, for instance, executing a right-click and select "Open file" on a #include statement in a source file?

    Best rgds,


  • Anonymous - 2010-11-25

    select text (i.e. file's address) and press Alt + F5

  • Anonymous - 2012-01-23


    Thanks for the info. But pressing Alt+F5 doesn't open the files from the current directory but opens from the Notepad++ directory.
    Can you please tell us how to set the folders so that from next time it opens from the current directory.


  • Gur Stavi

    Gur Stavi - 2014-01-21

    I am working on a new plugin for ctags. There are already a few others (although not good as mine :).
    If you generate tags file with ctags and add the option: --extra=f then ctags adds a tag for every file. So you can perform a tag lookup on the include file and the plugin should be able to open the file.


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