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Is this The End of the MLE ?

The Network Project for Knowledge is considering stopping the development of the MUD-Like Environment. The main reason is that the people who have started it have no further free time to continue the development project of MLE.

However, the NPK will enthusiastically encourage everyone to work on it. Any person (especially those who program in C) may get here on any version of the NPK MUD-Like Environment source and do anything with it.... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-04-15

C programmers - HELP WANTED!!

NPK MUD-Like Environment has currently two known bugs. If you are a C programmer, we would like to count on you to help us solving these bugs.

Please check it out at:

(current version is: 24_3_2002_Erato_mle)

If you need some addicional info about it, please contact us at:

Victor Domingos

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-04-09

NPK website has been updated

We have just made a small update on our website. We decided do keep the old one in a separate directory. As we are now using SorceForge.Net, we are using its news, forums, trackers and so on.

We are going to maintain a list of some interesting links. We cannot asure that they will always be available, but we will try so select some diverse and usefull stuff. We will also add to that list the sites that have some kind of friendship with NPK.

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-03-11

NPK Website has moved into SourceForge.Net

As Freedom2Surf has decided to stop the free webhosting service, we have just moved the old website into SourceForge.Net.

You can check it at

We are not going to update those old pages. You probably may want to read them if you want to know something more about how all this has started.

However, some sections, like Downloads and News are now at our project page here at SourceForge.Net: read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-03-04

Sokoban under NPK MLE! (first version released!)

We have just released a new version of NPK MUD-Like Environment that has a MLE version of the classic game Sokoban.

Some features are still under development, but it seems to be working ok. Also, it hasn't been translated to other languages yet, but it will as soon as we finish the translation of the previous version.

The evels we have included were taken from other Sokoban games. Although those levels are very widespread among GPL opensource programs, we are not very confident about the copyright of them. But - good news - we've contacted a sokoban maps builder and we have something like one hundred levels to implement as we want, with no limitation. It means that we are going to have a nice Sokoban game soon ;)... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-02-20

Afrodite: NPK MLE growing up

NPK MUD-Like Environment is growing up. The number of people involved in the project is increasing, the number of ready features is also increasing, and the number of projected features is growing too!

We have the ideas, and we are doing all we can for now. Feel free to post your suggestions in the 'Features Requests' section, or in the 'Forums' :)

For now, we decided to give a new name to present releases: Afrodite. NPK MLE now supports descriptions for both players and rooms, and in four different languages (English, Portuguese, French and Spanish).... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-02-11

MOOsaico is 8 years old!

MOOsaico completed 8 years online last 7th January 2002. It is a portuguese multilingual MOO that is inspiring the NPK MUD-Like Environment.

If you want to make a visit (and probably create a character there), telnet to at 7777.


You may also visit MOOsaico's homepage at:

Have fun and be happy!

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-01-31

KFortune released! (we want YOU!)

KFortune released!

KFortune is a program similar to the old unix
fortune, but all coded by us. And the messages
(not many) are all ours too.

If you want to contribute with more messages,
please publish them in our forum here in

Please note that the messages will be freely
available to anyone, under the MIT license, which
allows almost everything. If you want your name
to be referred under the quotes, please include
it within your post.... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-01-15

Some poems for you

We have opened a new package in order to distribute some files that are not directly related to the MUD-Like Environment but that may still be usefull or interesting for you.

For now, we have released some poems, compiled for DOS/Windows. The poems are not 'Opensource', but the code is. This means that you may use the code to create/develop other text-mode presentations, but you are not supposed to use the text on the poem without permission. ... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-01-10

NPK-MLE (under development) released here in SourceForge!

The first version of NPK MUD-Like Environment has just been released (we hope the files will be ok and available in some minutes).

From now on, there will be periodical releases of this package. But things are going not very fast. Maybe we will consider placing an help-request add here on SourceForge...

Stay around ;)

Posted by Victor Domingos 2002-01-07

Where are the NPK MLE files?

The first NPK MLE files that have been released are the sources that were fully functional, but probably won't be used in that way.

Inicially, NPK MLE was supposed to be implemented as a shell add-on, i.e., a collection of small programs that would add several commands to the user's system shell (bash, msdos, csh, etc.).

However, in unix systems, it didn't allow us to implement some functions in a portable way. So, we decided to create our own shell. It won't be able to process scripts or batch files, but it will enable NPK MLE to work as we want it to.... read more

Posted by Victor Domingos 2001-12-13

NPK homepage

NPK is now using, but we still have our main homepage at

If you want to see the news published before this on, you must go there and enter the 'Latest News' section.

Posted by Victor Domingos 2001-11-23