silent1nix - 2006-07-07

I have problem to login on netware. This is the error message i get:
Error: Could not mount server.
failed:ncplogin: No such device failed in mount(2)

I m using ZenWalk 2.6 (modified slackware) with ncpfs 2.2.6 and 0.9.1 novelclient set to use IP, because the target server is netware 5.x. The funny thing is after login error it has created folder path /mnt/ncp/<server ip>/SYS, but those are empty, so it can write on hdd fs, but... Even funnier thing is that earlier this client worked perfectly with debian distribution on the same PC with almost exacly same modules and configuration. And now I can't figure out what I did on debian diffrently... Any help or ideas would be appraised.