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Nova-0.4 Released

This is the first Gnome 2 release of Nova and is considered pre-alpha.


* Anti Aliased sky view
* Contellation outlines.
* 300,000 object Sky2000 catalog
* Planets, Mercury - Pluto now rendered.
* XML sky document format

Known issues:-

* Spherical sky view not rendered correctly.

Posted by Liam Girdwood 2004-02-08

Libspider in CVS

The new libspider library is just in CVS. It contains the IP communications subroutines and some utilities used from the client and server sides.

Posted by Juan Carlos Remis 2002-02-14


Released developer versions of libnova and gnova.

Posted by Liam Girdwood 2001-10-20

Audine-2.0 in spiderd

Fausto has released the new audine-2.0 driver and
a modified mini-daemon to handle it from spiderd.

Posted by Juan Carlos Remis 2001-05-15

libnova in CVS

libnova is now under CVS. It can currently calculate julian day, nutation, dynamical time, sidereal time, transformation of coordinates, apparent place of a star and heliocentric positions of the planets using VSOP87 theory

Posted by Liam Girdwood 2000-11-20

spiderd in CVS

The basic daemon for the Nova project has been released.
Some drivers will be added to make it operative.

Posted by Juan Carlos Remis 2000-10-31

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