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 tracer" but the script will continue running (compressing the data and
 collecting other information).
-If the above message does not appear, stop the script manually and do NOT send the dump.
-This means that the driver did not decrease the clocks to
-NV_CTRL_GPU_DEFAULT_2D_CLOCK_FREQS, which can be caused by several reasons :
+If any ERROR occurs during the above mentioned process please consult yourself with the FAQ
- A. You are using a videocard without "dedicated video memory", i.e. the card is
- using the system memory / the card is a integrated within the motherboard
- B. The test is being run while something is connected to the HDMI/DP output
- (please send me a email if it happens with other outputs)
- Possible workarounds :
- A. Use gdb to find the lowest frequency the "integrated" videocard reaches in a stable 2D state.
- Within 3-4 minutes look at the value returned by NV_CTRL_GPU_CURRENT_CLOCK_FREQS.
- Set def_2d to the same value and repeat the procedure from step 3 onwards.
-Example of monitor_downclocking.c (around line 170)
-	check_bus_type(dpy);
-	check_fans(dpy);
-+	def_2d = 0x008b0078; // example of 139MHz core, and 120MHz mem
-// Where def_2d is a packed integer. The upper 16bits are the core freq and the mem
-// freq is the lower 16bits. All the values are in MHz
-	do
-	{
-		XNVCTRLQueryTargetAttribute (dpy, NV_CTRL_TARGET_TYPE_X_SCREEN, 0,
- B. Use alternative output such as VGA/DVI
+If by any chance you interrupt the run-trace.sh script, note that there may be two new
+folders in the current working directory - nouveau-pm.XXXXXXXXXX and nvXX-0xYYYYYYYY-ZZZZ.
+Feel free to delete those folders (you will need root access) and repeat the procedure from
+step 3 onwards. A system reboot is recommended but not essential.
 8. In the end there should be a file created in your current directory called