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NoUnit at Fosdem 2004 Brussels

More details on the NoUnit lightening talk at Fosdem can be found at

Posted by Paul Browne 2004-02-18

NoUnit 0.7 now available

NoUnit 0.7 is now available for download. Enhancements include bug-fixes , Ant Tasks and the use of Log4j

Posted by Paul Browne 2003-12-19

NoUnit.Net beginning to take shape

NoUnit.Net (written in C#) is beginning to take shape on

Posted by Paul Browne 2003-09-24

NoUnit 0.7 Now Using Log4j

Code in CVS is now using Log4j as it's logging framework. This will be available in 0.7 release

Posted by Paul Browne 2003-09-11

NoUnit 0.7 Preparation

Preparation for the NoUnit 0.7 release has begun. This release is mainly packing of the work done and committed to cvs over the last 18 months , and moving to the latest libraries and jdk's

Posted by Paul Browne 2003-09-02

NoUnit Ant Buildfile Available

NoUnit Ant BuildFile is now available
(it's in the 'build' folder).

Thanks to everybody who helped out on this.

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-12-27

NoUnit 0.6 Full Source Available

Full Source Code for NoUnit 0.6 is now available.
CVS and Tarball versions of the source code are now available on

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-12-02

NoUnit 0.6 .zip now available

NoUnit now available for download at

See Web site at for more details on how to use this download.

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-11-28

NoUnit 0.6 Web Site Available

The NoUnit Web site is now available at

Full documentation on how to use and extend NoUnit is available at the site.

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-11-28

NoUnit 0.6 JavaDoc Available

Fully Updated Javadoc for NoUnit 0.6 is now available online at

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-11-27

NoUnit 0.6 Task List Updated

List of Tasks / Bugs / Feature Requests updated to reflect the 0.6 version release

Posted by Joanne White 2001-11-26

NoUnit Version 0.6 Release

NoUnit Alpha Version (0.6) Released Today. Code is in stable , basic version. Allows for Translation of Java to XML , then XML into Code Pictures.

Two Main reports (Code Pictures) are available : Simple (ie Overview of Code) and NoUnit Calls (Shows the extent and coverage of JUnit tests).

For more details see

Posted by Paul Browne 2001-11-24