Hi! Nice to see that someone is taking this nice app's development further.

Nice work, but I have a few comments, what appears to be some "regressions":
- your version doesn't display "(Read only)" in the title bar when a read-only file is opened, the menu item is checked, thoug; also when editing the file the "(Read only)" appears in the title bar as well

- the "Customize Schemes" looks more tidy than the original, but unfortunatelly is missing some features of the original: you don't have the Reset button, also no way to "clear" the font or colors that would mean to use the ones defined in "Default Text"

- original version was 500K, yours is 3 times bigger 1.5M... I realize that you have added functionality, but how do you justify an increase of 3 times in the binary size? This makes your version load much slower than the original.

Thanks again for your work and I'm looking forward for an active maintenance of this great app!