Johnnybach - 2010-01-31

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum but I'm getting desperate! I use Notepad2 to change/edit the source code  of my website (which is, and has been for many months, on my 'C' Drive). As usual, I click on View, then, Source, make my changes and then get a problem. It seems that for about 60pc of the time Notepad will save this in place it was picked up from, and 40pc it will want to save it in the Temporary Internet Folder. I now have to use 'Save as' to ensure that it goes where I want. Can anyone help, please? My browser is IE8 and I use Windows XP.

I have used Notepad2 for about a year and the problem has only recently started, in the past few weeks.

I have searched the Internet for a possible answer but it seems that I am the only one with the problem!