1. Tools-->Settings-->Editor Tab: Long line, Limit: (Show edge line or change background color) are not valid. Even you change these settings, they do not work. 
Suggestion: Fix these bugs, and let the user define the color of the edge line or background.

2. When I try to modify the background color of the themes (for example, default text), Green as front color. But I can not set Full black as the backgound color. A big problem is that I can not set the color of the cursor. It's always black. So when I sent the background in a dark color, I can not find the cursor. Can we user define the color of the cursor in the next version?

3. The toolbar view toggle problem has not been fixed in this version.

4. There are several useful submenus under "Tools" for some languages comment. However, there are no such menus for Visual basic and Fortran. Would you please add them?
Or, is it possible to let the user define which menus should appear over there?