#487 Patch for feature enhancement of find/replace dialog positioning


This is an enhancement for the FindReplaceDlg so that it saves the find dialog relative position to the main notepad window. This comes in handy for multi monitor users where you decide to move the app to another screen then CTRL-F to search but have the find dialog pop up on the old screen.

Useful for people that like having there find dialog in a certain spot relative to the main app regardless of where you move it.

Note that this doesnt save the relative position after closing the app. It defaults to center as before when its first created.

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  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2013-07-04

    It probably wouldnt hurt to just move these changes I made to the base class so that all windows remember there relative position. But I only use the search dialog frequently along with moving the main window around.

    Just adding individual patch files for the findreplace dialog related files instead of the above.

  • pinchy

    pinchy - 2013-07-04

    Whoops was working off old source code also had to add static variable so it doesnt jump when you switch tabs.

    Last edit: pinchy 2013-07-05

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