Dismal State Of Bug Fixing

  • Anonymous - 2009-10-23

    Search all Notepad++ bugs that have yet to be assigned to anyone, and are open.

    What do you find?

    869 bugs, dating all the way back to Feb 2006…

    Whilst I find Notepad++ to be an awesome utility (And which I use on a daily basis), I HAVE found a rather annoying bug, that would quickly be found by any ASP Coder involving a comment  ( ' ) killing script tags…

    IMHO, they should do a once-off clear of the bug list to only make it have this years bugs - That would make it better for them (Hey, less bugs! :D) and for us, to see what bugs are still relevant (Also helping them)

    Just my 2 cents for now…

  • DisgruntledGoat

    DisgruntledGoat - 2009-11-17

    I'm sure the author of NP++ would welcome any help with the bug tracker. Why don't you contact him and either tell him all the bugs that have been fixed or are no longer relevant? Or maybe he can give you some admin privileges to mark them as solved directly.

  • Steve Bollinger

    Steve Bollinger - 2011-06-08

    Can you help me.  I have a NP++ bug and cannot seem to post in on this source forge forum.  I am logged in.  How do I post a forum message???  I have Share, Monitor, Watch, Donate, Add a Reply and Hide Replies.  Where in the heck is "Add a new Topic" ???  It is so frustrating when you need help and the "Help"  i.e. this forum does not work correctly. :(

    I realize this is off subject of this thread, but can you help me?

    Steve Bollinger

  • Vera

    Vera - 2011-09-07

    Hi Steve,

    I only crossed your call for help by happenstance and you surly choose the 'wrong' sub-forum (even an english request in 'Deutsch Forum' would have been more promising).

    But alas - in case you're still around for an answer:

    - within any thread you find "Add a Reply" at the bottom
    - move up one level to a thread-(sub-forum)-overview and there you'll find "Add a Topic", at the bottom as well

    hope you're still happy with notepad++ ~ cheers


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