Suggestion: GUI improvement

  • RaptorX

    RaptorX - 2010-05-27

    it would be really helpful if the areas for File Association and Language Menu are redesigned to allow multiple selection, probably by means of checkboxes or Ctrl+Select, the current implementation is very annoying when I have to reinstall N++ or have to add or remove several extensions…

    Also I have stayed on version 5.4.3 due to the new Language menu being annoying and buggy (current version is not showing which language was selected). I personally dont like the organize by letter menu, and would be good if I had an option to revert back to the old style or at least if my list is short to be presented without being categorized by initial letter, since that method requires me to navigate too much just to select a language.

    Anyways, Thank you very much for such a great tool!

  • RaptorX

    RaptorX - 2010-05-27

    nvm about the languages menu, I just saw a little chekbox allowing me to revert to the old layout… kind of bad location for placing it  :D

    amazing software!

  • Andrei Gerasimenko

    I agree there is no normal way to modify the mapping of file extensions to languages. I would like a section be added to config.xml to add or remove extensions for a given language. After that, we will see if there are requests for a GUI to edit it.


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