Get Over It

  • ZGitRDun8705

    ZGitRDun8705 - 2008-04-22

    Many people have complained about the banner on the main site.  The author is simply stating his opinion, he's not forcing any of you to follow along.  It's time we grow up, realize not everybody shares the same ideas, and continue using this great tool.  The fact that Don thinks differently than you does not make him an idiot or a racist, it makes him a human.  We all think differently, lets get over it and move on.  Personally, I don't know enough about the China/Tibet issue to have an opinion on it, I understand that some people think its terrible, others think its great, some think its just kinda ok, and others dont care at all.  I respect the author's opinion (don't necessarily agree or disagree) he's allowed to have his own thoughts.  If the banner offends you that much that you refuse to use his software anymore, instead of calling him an idiot, take a long look in the mirror, and try to wrap your smallish brains around the fact that not everybody thinks like you.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You have the right to state your opinion. I have the right to tell you the truth.

      Yes, you are right. Chinese goverment did a lot of bad things. There are human rights problems in China. However, Chinese government is making progesses and becoming more and more democratic. You cann't expect it becomes perfect at one night. I believe that Chinese govermnet wants every Chinese people to live happily. I really don't why people who are not in China or have never been to China hate Chinese government so badly. I grew up in China and now I'm in USA. I find that so many people judge China only by their ideology rather than facts. The only suggestion I can give you is that reading some books and having a good trip to China.

      Besides, I don't think USA or any European contry's goverment did better than Chinese government when its GDP per person was in the same level. Please understan China and its unique. If you really want to do something to help Chinese government or its people, please do something real. Boycutting Olympics will never improving anthing. It can only hurt Chinese people's feeling.

      For the Tibet issue, I really don't want to argue with you. I hope you can find your answer from reading some good books about Tibet.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        I really appreciate your effort in writing this response. But I don't think the problem is the westerners don't understand what you wrote, the problem is they don't want to admit it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      It is easy to say that when it has nothing to do with you.

      If someone breaks into your house and steals something, would u be that calm?

      Honestly, I think if you have nothing to do with Tibet stuff, you don't even have a position to comment on it.

    • Nobody/Anonymous


      You said a lot, but not to the point. Don has every right to think different as long as he doesn't hijack SourceForge as a platform to sell his political opinion.

      If you are a grown-up you should know that the study rooms in a college library are used for people to study. You are not supposed to use them to have your private party at your will.

  • Andy Fielding

    Andy Fielding - 2009-09-26

    Don't forget: Since the PRC government came to power, it has killed more of its own people than all of the people who were killed in World War I and World War II combined.

  • Th. A.W

    Th. A.W - 2009-10-13

    What was that banner?

  • BoZ

    BoZ - 2010-05-14

    that banner was boycott your ass. but don't get angry because it what he thinks, we deserve to think differently.

  • Tom

    Tom - 2010-08-04

    Whether the author of this software is right or wrong I am impressed that he cares enough to take a stand.

    99% of people just care about money and about ego (e.g. defending their own country against any criticism).  If more people were willing to take a stand then we would have a better world.

    So, if you don't agree with the author then just don't use the software.