Notepad++ is a pile of shit!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Notepad++ and its programmers are a pile of shit!

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-02

    That's exactly what you sound like…

  • Norio

    Norio - 2010-02-04

    I haven't been in on this forum thread from the beginning, but from my perusal of the earliest messages, it appears someone was pissed at the software developer(s) (who apparently objected to the Olympics being held in Beijing), and that person who was pissed started this forum section. 

    This forum thread is eerie, because it's so Orwellian.  That is, the people who disagree with the developer's politics are saying over & over again that his software is no good, without offering any proof.  I gather that the reason for this is because the thread starters realized that it was foolish to tell people to not buy open source freeware, and instead would have to convince others that the software was not worth trying. 

    I have to conclude that this type of behavior must be more prevalent and more effective where free speech is crippled, and only accepted beliefs can be stated in public without fear of reprisal, imprisonment, or torture.  Perhaps in such a society, saying something over & over again is enough to make it the truth, but this is a democracy, as flawed as it is, and mere repetition is not good enough. 

  • BoZ

    BoZ - 2010-05-14

    Tibet is a part of China and the one who's being pursued and punished are the ones who want it to be separated out from China. What if someone wants to separate USA and take Alaska as a new country? Do you yankees take the person to prison and punish him? If you do, can I start a boycott USA movement because you killed the freedom of such people? Think about it, if you don't want it to happen to you, don't push it to someone else. It's as easy as that.

  • Anonymous - 2011-10-25

    Oh, what a shame…
    As a Chinese I really felt discreditab when I saw this thread.
    What are you doing @nobody ? Say your trash in one of the biggest opensource site although your government used to forbid you accessing by GFW? What editor did you used in Windows before you know Notepad++? notepad.exe or pirated UltraEdit?


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