Dan K - 2011-04-21

I think I found a small bug in the handling of plugin dll file names.

I was using nppcrypt.dll. I downloaded the new version (1007) and renamed the old one to nppcrypt.dll-2006. I ended up with TWO instances of the nppcrypt plugin active - which caused all kinds of problems as, I think, each one was invoked to encrypt or decrypt a file. (I am using the option to Monitor open/save.)

I discovered the problem when I looked at the menu option Plugins, and saw nppcrypt twice.

Now, you can argue that I was dumb to name the file that way - and I would not argue with that - but I just thought I would report this, so perhaps it can get fixed and no one else will run into this problem.

All in all, Notepad++, and nppcrypt, are great!