The author's going to against his country?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    The author is from China Taiwan, why he boycott his own country?

    Or he was coding too much and get too tired that he got a brain dysfunction?

    • John M. Dlugosz

      John M. Dlugosz - 2014-08-20

      I'd like to point out that the Government and the people living there are two different things. In fact, usually with a "hated" government, the people under it feel likewise, but are less able to say so. As a citizen of the USA, I find it shocking that expressing an honest opinion on leaders is against the law. (I joke that here badmouthing the government officials is required)

      Anyway, I'm married to someone named 張涛, and I'm also proud that I'm able to state publicly that leadership which is over-concerned with people publishing poor opinions on them is more of a kindergartner than a world leader. Closer to home, I also find it sickening that the congress "Science Committee" is made up of anti-science nutcases.

  • abc1232

    abc1232 - 2009-09-15

    The author entitle to his own opinion.  I think Communist China is evil… so is North Korean and Vietnam.  Nothing but corruptions…

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2009-11-18

    and how is that different from USA or any other country these days?

  • Andy Fielding

    Andy Fielding - 2009-11-20

    I was just wondering: Is there any way I could boycott NP++, but also keep using it? It's so useful. Maybe I could boycott something else, and pretend it's NP++?

    Let's see… I could boycott buying things that are made in the PRC. After all, they're the most murderous regime in modern history. (They've killed more of their own people, in their own country, than all the people who died in all of the 20th century wars.)

    Hey, that's it. I'll pretend the PRC is NP++. And I'll pretend NP++ is Sweden, or something.

  • Albert Chang

    Albert Chang - 2009-11-24

    You guys R so ridiculous, misunderstanding that Taiwan belongs to China~! This's not true!!! Taiwan is a sovereign and independent country, jz as China. And why can't the author boycott China??? Your country also have some people boycott other country, isn't it right? Plz watch some news or read some reports before you guys talk about Taiwan…!!!

  • Albert Chang

    Albert Chang - 2009-11-24

    We are ROC, not PRC…!!!  Go find some related information before you say something!

  • BoZ

    BoZ - 2010-05-14

    I have nothing to say, I just wish, when I see you, I can punch you in the face and kick you in the nuts. You taiwan people all wish your daddy is USA just like what Japan believes, you needs some serious brain fuck to get you back to normal. If it was not because of the protection and overshadow from mainland China, you little piece of shit island have already been invaded and raped several dozen of times by countries all over the world. So shut up and live, while you are being protected, not keep whining about it and think it's not good enough.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2010-11-23


    I think your statement is correct.

    "…If it was not because of the protection and overshadow from mainland China, you little piece of shit island have already been invaded and raped several dozen of times by countries all over the world…"

    but I think you misplaced the words "mainland China" and "countries all over the world", I think it should read:

    "…If it was not because of the protection and overshadow from countries all over the world, you little piece of shit island have already been invaded and raped several dozen of times by mainland China…"

  • lorax1284

    lorax1284 - 2010-12-08

    Post at 2010-11-22 19:43:52 EST has it right. I'm amazed how many proud Chinese there are that don't acknowledge the corruption in their own country and the cruel treatment decent people suffer there. Sure, they can say "Well, what about US?". Well, here's something we say in the West: "Two wrongs don't make a right". The crimes of other governments doesn't excuse the FAR WORSE CRIMES of the Chinese government.

    Doesn't occur to them that the Chinese media is the second most controlled on the planet (NK#1) and therefore their understanding of what actually goes on in their own country might be incorrect? They may have a warped view of their own country, where we outside have a much better understanding of what evil their government perpetrates.

    I think everyone who criticizes NP++ author should have a "signature" line in their posts that give an exact account of what happened at Tienanmen Square from their perspective. It will paint a very clear picture of what their point of view is. If they don't think it was government-perpetrated murder of people who want freedom, but rather call it "righteous suppression of disruptive criminals", well, that tells you right there what their opinion is worth.

  • newbie

    newbie - 2012-09-25

    I dont think you have a good understanding of China anyway. Do not try to understand Chinese if you are not a Chinese.

    I dont really care about the opinion of the NP+'s writer but I should say mind your own country and business, dont judge before you have a clue what you are talking about.

    Also why boycott NP+? It is GPL, and also there are tons of choices here.

    • Daniel K

      Daniel K - 2014-09-19

      Excuse me? Do not try to understand Chinese if I am not a Chinese? How can I understand someone's opinion, if I don't make an effort to understand them? What you are saying is that if I am not from China, that I shouldn't make an effort to understand someone who is. That does not make any sense.

  • Burov Dmitry

    Burov Dmitry - 2014-03-14

    Sorry to say, but RoC seems to be a very aggressive state. Yes, it sounds ridiculously, for now they don't have a lot of power to support their claims, but that is probably the only thing that keeps them from taking lands fro mall their neighbors.

    For a while my sympathies were with Taiwan, until i just by random surfing about Chinese history found these gems:

    Since RoC wants to retake parts of Russia and our ally Mongolia (again, i agree and double-agree, it sounds incredibly ridiculous, but that is what they officially claim!) i cannot support their case.

    Of course, people living far away from Asia do have other priorities and would probably be sympathetic.

  • Rich McGrew

    Rich McGrew - 2014-06-08

    OK, for the information of the original poster, BoZ, and others denouncing the author of Notepad++ and/or Taiwan, Taiwan is an independent nation, it is NOT part of China or the People's Republic of China, and it's a peaceful, independent nation with a prosperous economy and a really strong hi-tech sector (for several years Taiwan had a near-monopoly on the manufacture of computer motherboards and add-on cards, before those jobs started being shifted to mainland China). When I went to college I met many people from Taiwan, including a roommate I had for a year who was Taiwanese and a pretty girl I liked who was Taiwanese among several of them.

    Yes, Taiwan was originally founded as a militaristic dictatorship many years ago by people who were ousted from power in mainland China, the Kuomintang, after their defeat by the Chinese Red Army under Mao Zedong who established the People's Republic of China. And yes, their country is officially still named the "Republic of China", even though that is ridiculous. But Taiwan like many other nations that were dictatorships (South Korea, Spain, most nations of Latin America, most nations of Eastern Europe, a few nations in Africa, etc.) transitioned from dictatorship to a freedom-loving democracy in the latter half of the 20th Century, while mainland China is still a dictatorship.

    Anyway, Burov Dmitry has some valid points about Taiwan historically and especially under the period of the Kuomintang dictatorship, but nowadays Taiwan is a peaceful democracy, the Kuomintang itself has largely reformed into a modern-day democratic center-right political party, and all of the silliness regarding territorial claims and the nation officially referring to itself as the Republic of China, this is just because of historical reasons. Many Taiwanese people would like to renounce all those territorial claims and call their nation the Republic of Taiwan, and have it stop claiming to be the government of China. However, the People's Republic of China is hostile towards this idea and has threatened China with military invasion if it does anything like that.

    But BoZ and the original poster are completely misguided. Taiwan has not received any protection of any sort from the People's Republic of China, only threats of being invaded and conquered. And it is not part of the People's Republic of China. Taiwanese people who protest against the government of the People's Republic of China are NOT protesting against their "own country", that is absurd. The nation which is protecting and defending Taiwan and keeping it from being invaded and conquered is the United States of America, although the United States has a hypocritical "One-China Policy" that it established under corrupt President Richard Nixon (who had to resign in disgrace) when he normalized relations with the People's Republic of China. This "One-China Policy" nonsense prevents the United States, or any other nation with diplomatic relations with mainland China, from officially recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation. It is quite stupid and a historical anachronism. These days, in the 21st Century, it is quite obvious to everyone that Taiwan is a free and independent democratic nation, not part of China or any other nation, and its official title as the "Republic of China", as well as its territorial claims, are just silly historical anachronisms.

    It is obvious that these territorial claims are not serious and are historical anachronisms if you look at the recent public conflict between mainland China and Japan over islands in the South China Sea. Officially, multiple nations claim those islands, not just China and Japan, but also Taiwan and Vietnam. However, only China and Japan are actively arguing in public that those islands belong to them. Geographically speaking, those islands are located right next to Taiwan, so it would be most logical for them to belong to Taiwan, but the Taiwanese government has been quite silent on this issue during the recent months of this debate. This should make it obvious that any so-called territorial claims made by Taiwan are not to be taken seriously and are just a relic of its past.

    Furthermore, Taiwan has a unique language and culture. Yes, the people speak Chinese, but not the Mandarin dialect, they have their own traditional Taiwanese dialect. Unfortunately this dialect has in recent years been gradually dying out especially among young people in urban areas, but it is still what most of the old people in rural parts of Taiwan speak. You see, Chinese is not just 1 language; it is actually a set of languages... they are all written the same but each Chinese dialect, such as the Taiwanese dialect, Cantonese dialect, or Mandarin dialect, has a different pronunciation for each symbol of the Chinese alphabet. And furthermore there are 2 primary variants of the Chinese alphabet: Simplified Chinese, used in the People's Republic of China, and Traditional Chinese, used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Anyway my point is, the Taiwanese dialect has a completely different pronunciation for words from Mandarin or Cantonese, because symbols in the Chinese alphabet represent words but don't specify how to pronounce them. So someone speaking one Chinese dialect cannot speak with someone who speaks a different dialect. This is quite different from English dialects, for instance; speakers of British and American English can easily talk to one another and understand each other without any difficulty.

    Diplomatically speaking, hardly any nations officially recognize Taiwan, due to the pressure from mainland China, so Taiwanese nationals tend to need passports from foreign nations to travel abroad. My college roommate who was Taiwanese had, along with a Taiwanese passport, a U.S. Passport. Nowadays both the United States and China offer passports to Taiwanese citizens, since Taiwanese passports don't actually work for traveling.

    Anyway, it always annoys me when people disrespect a small nation, whether it is Taiwan or any other small country, for not being big and powerful. My own ancestry is half Hungarian, and Hungary is a country that has long been dominated by foreign powers, whether it was the Austro-Hungarian Empire under the Hapsburg Dynasty, Nazi Germany, or the Soviet Union. Hungary tried to become an independent nation in 1956 but it failed and the Soviet Union invaded and reconquered it. It has only truly been independent and democratic since 1989. So I feel badly for people in other countries that have similar circumstances to Hungary, such as Taiwan... or these days Ukraine, which is likewise being fought over by more powerful, bigger countries, quite a tragic situation, since Ukraine ought to be able to decide its own fate without any outside interference... as should all other nations, whether they are Taiwan, Hungary, or any other country.

    If you look at U.S. treatment of Cuba and occupation of Guantanamo Bay, Russian treatment of Georgia and Ukraine and occupation of parts of both of them, Chinese treatment of Taiwan, Israeli treatment of Palestinians, or historical abuses such a European imperialism, the Soviet empire in Eastern Europe, American imperialism in Latin America, or Japanese imperialism in Asia and Oceania, the pattern is obvious: big, powerful nations always oppress smaller, less powerful nations, regardless of what form of government they have or what ideology they have.

    And it is the duty of all people who DON'T believe that "might makes right" to stand up against this constant effort of large, powerful nations to dominate the smaller, less powerful ones, which is why we should stand up for small countries like Taiwan or Ukraine or Hungary that get fought over by larger, more powerful countries for selfish reasons. In an ideal world, Taiwan and other small nations would not need anyone's "protection", because there wouldn't be anyone threatening to invade and conquer them. For now though, it seems all small nations are currently forced to rely on alliances with larger nations for "protection", quite an unfortunate state of affairs for the world, kind of akin to a mafia protection racket.

    • Mike Mac

      Mike Mac - 2014-07-11

      Good recitation on Taiwan.

      I think Madame Chiang Kai Shek was the brains, or at least the diplomat, behind the Generalissimo. If we had not pulled our support of the Nationalists, mainland China might not have gone communist, and the millions who died under Mao might not have.

    • Daniel K

      Daniel K - 2014-09-19

      Thank You :) A very thoughtful, informative, and respectful response. Respect seems to be something that is lacking a lot today, and it was nice to see.

  • Zen

    Zen - 2014-06-30

    post above.. woah.

  • Hterzsen

    Hterzsen - 2014-07-02

    mostly agreeing with Rich McGrew !

  • Mike Mac

    Mike Mac - 2014-07-11

    Rich McGrew - Good recitation on Taiwan. I think Madame Chiang Kai Shek was the brains behind the Generalissimo. If we, the USA, had not pulled support from the Nationalists, mainland China might not have gone communist, and millions of lives might have been saved that were killed by Mao.