Text replace small bug

Sgt. Sykes
  • Sgt. Sykes

    Sgt. Sykes - 2011-02-22

    Hi there!

    Great thing this NPP. I have no idea what this 'boycott' forum is about though :) But I guess this is the general forum.

    I have a small bug report. I often use NPP for automatic text replacement within documents. For that, I use:

    Ctrl+H to invoke the dialog
    Alt+A to make the actual replacement (after setting/typing the 'what' and 'with' fields)
    Enter to close the dlalog

    However the keyboard shortcuts don't work anymore in this dialog in the latest version of NPP. I need to use the mouse to click on the appropriate buttons, which causes delay. It has always worked before.

    Any chance it will be fixed?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!