English.xml v.4.6 changes

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    There is a new line to translate in ID 6323, for the new Update Future.
    Search for Item id 6322 in your nativeLang.xml and paste under these line:

    in English.xml
                       <Item id = "6323" name = "Enable Notepad++ auto-updater"/>

    in German.xml
                       <Item id = "6323" name = "Notepad++ Autom. Update aktivieren"/>


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      >> Search for Item id 6322 in your nativeLang.xml <<

      Not Line !!

      Search -> "6322" and paste under these line!

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK sorry wrong, its here, these are the changes:

      <Item id = "6320" name = "Don't draw underline"/>
      <Item id = "6322" name = "Sessionfile ext :"/>
      <Item id = "6323" name = "Enable Notepad++ auto-updater"/>

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      You got it?
      Please update also to Notepad++ v4.6.

    • Ices Eyes

      Ices Eyes - 2007-12-02

      Item 6322 has been addes in 4.5 version, so if you don't have tha version of the english.xml, that is not the one on the site, you don't see the item 6322, but just the 6320 ;)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I dont find the line 6322 !!??

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yea, in the my nativeLang.xml not have Item id 6322. My last Item id is the 6320. What is write in the Item id 6322 ?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Compare it with the english.xml from downloadsite and you find it.


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